Our Process

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Ensuring that every print we develop is beautiful requires a rigorous process. We start by receiving digital work from artists and hobbyists on our secure servers. Next we calibrate our printers to achieve accurate color representation for each print.


Our printers employ digital chromogenic technology. This is the same photographic and chemical process used by traditional dark rooms, except the chromogenic paper is exposed using highly precise lasers rather than a photographic enlarger.


Once the print has been developed we inspect it to make sure there are no imperfections. If the print is being framed, we then cut and polish the plexiglass that will be mounted to the front of the print. This requires routers for even cutting and ultra fine sanding paper to achieve a smooth edge free of any roughness.


After we cut and polish the glass, we then face mount the print to it. Sometimes customers prefer to use a simple laminate on the front of their print rather than plexiglass. This laminate protects the print from UV rays and other particles over time.

To mount the print to the plexiglass, we run the two layers under our highly pressurized laminator. We place a transparent adhesive film between the print and the plexiglass to keep the finished piece unified over time.

Cnc router

The final step is to cut the frame. For some pieces we just use a simple brace that gives the print a floating effect on the wall. The brace can be either wood or aluminum depending on the size of the piece. Alternatively we place the piece inside a floating frame to give it a border to sit within. The framed piece is then installed directly against the wall. A third option is to sit the finished print on our custom designed stainless steel FotoShelf.

Ship out

The fully finished print is then packaged in a custom-sized box and shipped directly to the customer or, if the piece is a gift, to the customer's choice of recipient.

Our Team

FotoFoam stands at the crossroads of the digital and real worlds. Our team is an eclectic mix of individuals that ranges from photographic experts to web developers. We all share a common thread: an enduring passion for art.

Greg Silver
Greg started FotoFoam in 2013. Previously he studied photography and graphic design at Wesleyan University and economics at the London School of Economics. He is an avid photographer of special moments.
Greg Silver
Jimmy Ruiz
Jimmy leads FotoFoam's marketing efforts. Having danced professionally for 15+ years, Jimmy is passionate about helping artists grow their global reach. He received his BS from Cornell University and studied digital marketing at General Assembly.
Jimmy Ruiz
Head of Marketing
Emily Brillon
Emily leads artist management in the Americas. She has previously held positions at the Richard Avedon Foundation, the Robin Rice Gallery and the Brooklyn Museum.
Emily Brillon
Gallery Manager
Adina Gomoi
Adina Gomoi is a New York City native with a passion for all mediums of art. She previously worked as an archivist at The Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation and in the Fundraising & Development department at the All Starts Project. Adina graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in Arts Management.
Adina Gomoi
Gallery Assistant
Michael Gail
Michael Gail is a graduate of The University of the Arts in Photography and Art History. Her specialty is alternative processes, including Van Dkye Brown and Cyanotype processes, as well as printing images on different surfaces. She has an extensive portfolio of this work.
Michael Gail
Artist Manager (Americas)
Justin Tassone
Justin is a Florida native who has been residing in New York for the past six years. He has a great passion for adventure, surfing, food, but most of all the arts. Justin received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts.
Justin Tassone
Art Handler
Sunnaiqing manages artists in the Asia region. She has held gallery assistance positions at Black Site Studio and Sanzi Art Gallery. She graduated with a degree in drama and film literature from Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China in 2013.
Artist Manager (Asia)
Allen Burt
Allen manages the FotoFoam web technology via his digital product agency BlueStout.
Allen Burt
Head of Technology
Dave Foarde
Dave illustrates technical renderings for FotoFoam. His work has been featured in multiple exhibitions in and around NYC since his graduation from the School of Visual Arts in 2011.
David Foarde
Digital Illustrator

Climate Commitment

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FOTOFOAM products and services are made of plexiglass and other high-end plastics. These materials are made from petroleum-based inputs. We recognize this has an impact on our natural environment and aim to mitigate these effects through the use of carbon offsets. FOTOFOAM therefore has a commitment to allocate 5% of all profits to purchase carbon offset credits.

Made in NYC

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