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Allard Boterenbrood

Allard Boterenbrood is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. He works within several disciplines, varying from photography to conceptual art, from painting to sculpture. Each project is based on the in depth exploration of one idea, executed with meticulous precision. Strict underlying concepts allow chance to happen, resulting in a puzzling spontaneity that surprises, fascinates and often makes one smile. In the ‘Processed project’ Boterenbrood explores the characteristics of reproduction as defined by the traditional four-color offset printing process. The project originated out of disappointment with reproductions of icons of the visual arts. Despite all efforts to make identical copies, they always lack the energy, the liveliness of the original work. Somewhere in the process of reproduction, excitingly vibrant colors lose their power. Therefore Boterenbrood focused on the reanimation of the colors. He has developed an alternative method of reproduction based on the subtractive CMYK color model, celebrating color uniqueness. The series offer an enlightening insight into the CMYK color construction and result in the creation of the new color reproduction system BCRS (Boterenbrood Color Reproduction System). The work ‘Processed: 4900 Colors’ pays homage to German artist Gerhard Richter. Boterenbrood ‘processed’ Richter’s original work ’4900 Colors’ (Version I: 196 plates, 48,5 x 48,5 cm, of 25 colors). With ‘Processed: Pantone 100C - 814C’ Boterenbrood created a new color chart by ‘processing’ 1100 Pantone Solid Coated colors.