Shot on iPhone 6 (by Feidin Santana)


Greg Silver

The Shot on iPhone 6 series intends to highlight the evolution of the American justice system, namely, the proliferation of “crowd-sourced evidence”. At the foundation of this transformation is the smartphone and its continued penetration into the pockets of everyday Americans. Shot on iPhone 6 references the iPhone as the core enabling device for America’s next-generation legal system.

Each piece combines a recent injustice that caught public attention via a smartphone recording with a different instance of Apple’s recent iPhone 6 ad campaign. The campaign coincidentally uses the word “shot”, which carries a double-meaning for the series. The titles for each piece in the series pay tribute to the brave individuals who filmed the events. The use of the billboard is a metaphor for the “mainstreamification” of these horrific scenes of injustice, which are finally entering public discourse and the content of the mainstream media. To emphasize this “mainstreamification” of previously hidden injustices, Silver intentionally chose photos of the billboards that contain significant road traffic. The original photographs were all taken from Google images, thereby further emphasizing the crowd-sourced theme of the series.

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36" x 27"
(91cm x 68cm)
$5,327.00 in black frame
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