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Martin Rinman

The work of Martin Rinman, ranging from serene landscapes to meticulously manipulated objects and portraits, explores the inherent duality and tension between the natural and the artificial. It juxtaposes a hyperreal nature with an impossible virtual world that feels oddly organic, inviting us into a mindscape that is uniquely his own.

The Stone of Landdísir
From $65

A mossy path leads past the Stone of Landdísir.

The Fox Cub Rock
From $90

A large boulder sits in the forest.

Towers and Old Shadows
From $85

A hunting tower south of Stora Rösjön, Harpsund.

Land of Álfheim
From $80

A walk among moss and trees.

Old Spirits Awakens
From $70

Old Spirits Awaken, Old Spirits Inspire, Old Spirits Unify.