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Teemu Oksanen

A friend of simple and minimalistic things | Teemu Oksanen's artwork mainly consist of black and white fine art landscapes. - - - Outdoor enthusiast | Always searching interesting details from the nature. - - - Out of this world | Huge fan of dreamy looking long exposure photographs. - - - Design | Would this be something I would put on my wall. Asking that question got Teemu in to this style of photography. - - - Finland | Lives in a country that is full of lakes and forests.

w h i t e . f o r e s t
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Snowy birch forest.
Kangasniemi, Finland 2014

"Finland is the most den…

p i n e s
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Pine forest
Laukaa, Finland 2014

"Finland is the most densely forested…

d o u b l e
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Vantaa, Finland, winter 2014

n o . b o a t
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No signs of a boat. Lake and fells in the Finnish Lapland.
Utsjoki, Finla…

s u r r o u n d e d . b y . f o g
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Yosemite National Park, California 2014

v a c a n t
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Rainy and foggy autumn at local park in Finland.